Joy Bentley , Teacher

Greetings Parents,

     My name is Joy Bentley and I teach one of the Pre-K classes here at Sloan Canyon. I am so grateful to you parents for entrusting me with your children’s early childhood education. I began teaching preschool right out of high school and have twenty plus years’ experience working with preschool children. I received my BA degree in Child and Adolescent Development from CSUN in 2007.

     I grew up in Nebraska and my Dad was a minister so we moved a lot. I ended up moving to the San Fernando Valley in California: first to Granada Hills and then to Northridge. There I married my husband Ken. We do not have children, but we love our three, four legged children; our cats Pepsi, Seana, and Gracie.

     I am very excited about working with your precious children. We will be learning many things from playing together as a group, exploring with paints and crafts, writing our names, and recognizing our letters and numbers. Please feel free to talk to me at any time. I look forward to getting to know all of the children and parents too.