Jennifer Canning, Teacher

      My name is Jennifer Canning (you may also call me Jen). I started working with preschoolers when I was eighteen at my church. I have been volunteering there for seven years now and love it very much. I have also worked in another preschool for a year as a teacher’s aide and cook. I’m so excited to now be teaching at Sloan Canyon Preschool.

      I grew up in Christian schools (Preschool through 12th grade), so I’m excited to be teaching in a Christian school which has always been my dream. I am a huge sports fan; especially of NASCAR and basketball. While growing up I played basketball, soccer, and volleyball; for 6 years I was a volleyball ref and I coached basketball for 4 years. One of my favorite things to do is go camping with my family. Of the places we have visited, my favorite is the Grand Tetons. I have one brother and he is married with three children (2 boys and 1 girl). I love being an Auntie to these three; it has been a blast seeing them grow up. My brother and his family are the ones who told me about Sloan Canyon Preschool.  My eldest nephew attended here last year and I loved the school when I visited.  

     I’m very excited to be teaching in the Blue Room this year and know we will have a lot of fun. We will be using and completing the Abeka workbooks as well as learning colors, shapes, and many other things.