Ana Moreno, Teacher

     My name is Ana Moreno.  I have been working at Sloan Canyon Preschool since 2013.  In addition to my experience with my own children, Aaron, Lelia and Logan; I have over 20 years experience working with children.

      After graduating from high school, I attended college with the goal of becoming a psychologist.  However, my goals changed many classes later while working as a teacher's assistant in the L.A. Unified School District.  I then realized that my heart was set on working with children.  I was very fortunate to have worked with all grade levels including K-6.

      I worked at Laurel Hall in North Hollywood and when I moved to Castaic, I was very blessed to have found Sloan Canyon Preschool.

      I have a great love and passion for working with children and I can hardly wait to share fun, loving and great experiences with you child.  It is always exciting to watch them grown both academically and spiritually.