About Us
…To provide our community with
the unconditional love of a Christian

…To reach them with the life
changing message of Jesus Christ

…To teach, to train, and to
encourage them as they grow in
their  relationship to Him

…To help each Christian find their
place of service within the body of
Christ and allow them the  freedom
to minister as He leads

…To impact not only our community
but also the world for Christ
through missions.

…We value God and we believe our
most important relationship in life is
with Him.
…We value family and we believe
our relationship with our families is
second only to our relationship with

…We value others and we believe
God’s grace is available to everyone
who desires a right relationship
with Him.

…We value God’s Word and we
believe It is the only true and
sufficient Guide for our lives.

…We value character and we
believe every Christian should strive
to display both publicly and  
privately the integrity, modesty, and
purity we see in Christ.

…We envision our church as a
growing ministry where both a
multiple staff and individual
members work together as one,
expressing in word and deed
genuine love and harmony.

…Since we believe that God uses
His people as servants to do His
work,We envision a church family
that compassionately ministers to
the spiritual, social, and human
needs of all people.

…We also envision a ministry that
reaches outside our community,
mothering new churches, sending
out missionaries, and supporting
the work of Christ through our Free
Will Baptist Denomination.