About Us

Sloan Canyon Church believes in the Holy Bible and family.

Our first allegiance is to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and His Word is our final rule of faith and practice. We believe the Holy Spirit lives within those who believe in Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit not only helps us in understanding what God wants from our daily lives, He also enables us to live the Christian life. 

We are a loving Christian family and we desire the opportunity to welcome you and your family into ours!  We are evangelistic, trying to persuade others to have faith in Jesus Christ and bring them into the family of God.  We seek to hold one another accountable to the Faith, as brothers and sisters in Christ should, and to be there for each other.  We will rejoice when you rejoice, and weep when you weep.  We have many family fun activities throughout the year to help bring us closer as a church family and to our loved ones.

We offer teen and children’s ministries and Bible Studies for all ages. We attend retreats that provide opportunities for spiritual renewal and fellowship with other churches. We’re also helping build a 100 acre family camp near Yosemite called “Sweetwater.”

We appreciate our heritage as Free Will Baptist and agree with the teaching and practices of our denomination.  We don’t expect that everyone will agree on every detail when interpreting Scripture, however, we do anticipate basic agreement on some important matters that are stated on the Free Will Baptist denomination’s website,

It’s like an ancient theologian said, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, diversity; in all things, charity [love].”