Pastor Keith

Keith Bartlett and wife Janet, Pastor
My name is properly D. Keith Bartlett but most everyone calls me Pastor Keith, simply Pastor, or most recently PK. I was called by God to preach the gospel in 1979, enrolled at Free Will Baptist Bible College (now called Welch College), Nashville TN, in 1980 and graduated in 1984. I’ve been pastoring for 32 years and I’ve been here at Sloan Canyon since her beginnings in May of 1999 when we began a Bible Study in our home. I’ve pastored in Alabama where I was born, Michigan where I grew up, South Carolina and now here in California. This is my second time starting a new church, and if God allows me to, it will be my last as I would like to finish my years of ministry here.

I love my Lord Jesus very much and I love people! Ministry has been my passion for many years. Aside from ministry, my Lord, His church, and people who need the Lord, I guess I’m most passionate about two other things. Certainly first would be my family. My wife Janet and I were married in 1978 and our love for each other has only grown through the years. She is my partner in life and in ministry. I have three children, a daughter-in-love (as I say it) and a son-in-law (doesn’t sound the same saying son-in-love) who all love and serve God. I also have five grandchildren and yes they are grand! They are all more precious to me than life itself. You can read more about them in my wife Janet’s bio under school staff. The other thing I’m passionate about is Alabama Football. I’ve been a fan all my life, no matter where I’ve lived and so the harassment I get here in SoCal doesn’t bother me at all!

As a pastor I consider myself a servant to all and I would love to serve as your pastor as well!