The Sloan Canyon Echo
News Letter
Family Fun Night
We had a wonderful turn out at Telly's in Castaic for our family night! We took
this opportunity to turn this into a surprise birthday celebration for Janet with a
huge carrot cake. We would have pulled off the surprise had she not looked in
the refrigerator at church and saw her cake. We will announce our next family
night soon. Check out the pictures below:
Gee! Is this what a 50's diner really did look like?
Hey, waiter, the guy at the end is paying the tab!
So, Diana's not a member of the "Clean Plate" club!
Who ordered the turkey burger?
I'm a magician. Just watch this French fry
Is she praying or just camera shy?
To our dismay, Elvis has left the building!
Trunk or Treat 2008