Men's Retreat 2007
These are pictures of our annual men's retreat in Sonora, California.
What a wonderful three days it was. The preaching was great and the
fellowship was tremendous. These are pictures of the trip up to
Yosemite National Park. As you can tell, we had to put chains on the
vehicles. The bottom picture is of Tom Drury giving his testimony in an
evening service. He is truly an inspiration to our men.
The Master's Men and W.N.A.C. hosted a barbeque
chicken luncheon at the Castaic Senior Village. There
were about 90 in attendance. What a joy it was to
meet the folks!
The Master's Men took part in Community Day at the
sports complex where we had the opportunity to hand
out over 1000 bottles of water. What a wonderful way
to make new contacts in our community!