" The Giving Tree "
You may or may not know that the original plans for starting Sloan Canyon Free Will Baptist
Church called for a debt free beginning. Rising construction cost while the project was
delayed made that dream unattainable and we had to secure a loan from the Church
Extension Loan Fund (CELF) to finish the building. The loan was for $500,000 and we owe a
balance as of September 2007 of $440,000. We have a beautiful building that we are very
thankful for and we remain committed to filling it by winning people in our community to Christ.
We do the very best we can but a $3590 payment is still a difficult challenge for a mission
church. Several years ago we  placed a “Giving Tree” in the foyer of our church. We
encouraged ourselves and others to give at that time in order to purchase things like
furnishing for the building and sound equipment. People in our church and all across the
country responded.
We know it’s a tall order but we’re now praying that God will lay it upon
the hearts of individuals and churches to respond once again and help us retire this debt.
Think about it this way, it could be done if...

...7 churches or individuals purchased a $5000 Rock to go under the tree        =        $35,000
...15 churches or individuals purchased a $2000 Acorn for the tree                   =        $30,000
...250 churches or individuals purchased a $500 Gold Leaf for the tree             =      $125,000
...500 churches or individuals purchased a $250 Silver Leaf for the tree            =      $125,000
...1000 churches or individuals purchased a $125 Bronze Leaf for the tree        =      
                                                                                                              Total             $440,000

If God does and churches and individuals respond we’ll be able to go self-supporting and we
look forward to telling you we are rather than telling you why we are not!

There are three ways you can give!
Option #1 -  You can send a check or money order to...
        FWB National Home Missions
        P.O. Box 5002
        Antioch, TN 37011-
     • If you chose this option please be sure and note on your check
      “Retire the debt at Sloan Canyon”.
Option #2 - You can send a check or money order directly to us...
       Sloan Canyon FWB Church
       28355 Sloan Canyon Road
       Castaic CA 91384
    •  Again note on your check “Retire the debt at Sloan Canyon”   
Option #3 - You can click on the link below to donate by Credit Card.    
We’ll know what you want on our “Giving Tree” (Rock, Acorn, or Leaf) by the amount of your
donation. However, please attach a note indicating what you want engraved on your “Rock,
Acorn or Leaf.”  Either one can be engraved with your personal name, your church name, your
business name or “In Memory or “In Honor” of someone. You will receive a Certificate suitable
for framing that recognizes your gift as well as a photo of your place on our “Giving Tree”.
$125.00               $250.00                $500.00              $2,000.00             $5,000.00
Bronze Leaf                  Silver Leaf                        Gold Leaf                       Acorn                                Rock
Other Amount
  • Click on any of the donation Buttons
  • Under Item:Type in item you a requesting Rock, Acorn, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, or Bronze Leaf
  • Verify dollar amount
  • Continue  with your secure payments by:             
               a. If you have an account  with paypal you can log in
           b. Or if you don't have a paypal account you can click on continue   
  • Put in billing information
  • Click on review order and continue
  • Under item you will see a box that says add special instructions click on it and type in you
    special engraved information
  • When you a finished simply click on the pay now button (you will receive an e-mail confirming
    you order

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